Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday February 9, 2011

We are safe and well in the village of Stellah.  Brother Peter and Sister Rhoda have opened their home to us and been very gracious and hospitable.  We thank the Lord for a safe journey from Nairobi.  Many drivers travel at high rates of speed.  As we traveled from Nairobi on Tuesday we passed many accidents; one was a head-on collision of two mini busses similar to the one we traveled in.  There were fatalities still on the scene.  It was very sobering and we were so thankful the Lord protected us to our destination.

As we approached the orphanage from a distance, they knew we were coming and the children came running down the drive to greet us and surrounded our vehicle.  We were all in tears before we even got out of the car; there was not a dry eye.  Refreshments had been prepared to welcome us.

The weather is very pleasant.  The afternoons get a bit hot, but it cools down at night.  We were happy to see Matt and LouCinda.  Since they had already been here for a week they helped us to get situated.

Wednesday we traveled to Kisii for service.  Matthew stayed behind to oversee a cement project for the new kitchen floor.  Nine of us crowded our way into a little Nissan taxi.  Two were in the hatchback and the rest were on the seats.  The driver even had to share his bucket seat with Brother Peter.

We enjoyed singing songs and learning Swahili phrases as we drove around potholes and stones on the bad roads.  Whenever vehicles pass you have to cover your mouth and nose until the dust subsides.  You are covered long before you reach your destination.  We approached the chapel on a very steep road.  There were a couple of tense moments and we were relieved and glad to reach the chapel.

Three congregations gathered from surrounding areas for service.  We received a warm welcome and after two choirs sang we were invited to sing some special songs.  The Lord blessed Michael with a powerful gospel message; fourteen dear people came forward to pray and give their hearts to the Lord.  After the service the congregation stood outside in a circle as we greeted each one.  The landowners of the chapel property invited us to share a meal in their home.  We were served a dish of beef cooked in tomato sauce, ugali, rice with tomatoes, greens, red beans, and fresh pineapple.  The dogs wandered in and out hoping for a share.

Ranelle, Nicole, and LouCinda taught the children to play Duck, Duck, Goose while we waited for lunch. 

Many in this congregation walked five hours to join us for the weekend services we had planned.  Our driver brought us back to the orphanage.  The ladies sorted tubs of supplies we had brought to prepare for the coming days.  Nicole and Ranelle stayed at the orphanage to teach new games to the orphans while LouCinda and I walked the one-quarter mile to Brother Peter’s house.

Tonight we took a break from the local food and prepared some soup, which we ate with chipate, a delicious tortilla-like bread Sister Rhoda makes.

We had worship together with Brother Peter and his wife as we do each morning and evening.  We were happy to wash some of the dust off and crawl into our mosquito nets. 

Brother Michael has been having severe headaches through the night for which we desire prayer.  We thank each of you for your prayers for us. 

This is a little more detailed entry to give you a picture of our routine. 

Asante Sana. 

Thank you very much for your prayers.


  1. Enjoyed it very much. Once again, we love all of you and are praying daily for you. God is Great, God is good! Lots and lots of snow here. The younger boys have only had two days of school out of 10.

    Uncle Dan, Aunt Anita, & boys

  2. We had been praying for your safety in transportation; looks like we REALLY need to be more burdened about that issue! We will also remember Bro. Michael specifically for the head pain when we wake in the night. We love you all.

  3. Tell Bro Michael I have been specifically praying about his headaches. Love and prayers for you ALL

  4. `We are praying God to use each one to his glory, to spread the love of God, to keep you safe and bring you back home again. We are anxious to hear all about the trip.
    James and Charlotte

  5. We really enjoyed this entry with all the details! We do appreciate you sharing with all of us. We also join with all the Saints in prayer for the success of your mission as well as for your safety and protection. May God's Angel of Protections surround each of you. And, may the Divine Healing of God's hand be upon Bro. Michael. Loren and Maxine