Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This past Thursday (February 10) the group traveled to Bro. Joseph’s.  He runs a primary school and keeps about 15 orphans in his home.  They had morning and afternoon service and children’s meeting with over 100 children.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were at Brother Peter’s and the orphanage.  Different congregations came together for services. Michael conducted minister’s meetings in the morning and a general service was held in the afternoon.  On the first day there were 250 children and over one-half responded to the invitation.

After ministers meeting in the morning on Saturday, the men and women divided up.  It was specifically felt these were productive sessions, as the women were able to share on a more personal level.  Sis. Brenda’s book was used in this session with the women and good discussion came from it.

When the assembly came together Saturday night for service Michael preached a very anointed message on “Amazing Grace.”  From what we understand the glory of the Lord came down and Michael and translator were “right together;” one hardly pausing for the other.

There was a rain storm Saturday night, so the group all scurried into their room/mosquito nets for the evening.  On that note, there is no electricity so it is very dark once the sun goes down.

On Sunday different ones from surrounding congregations gathered for the general service.

The girls taught the younger children a Sunday School lesson on obedience and talked about Jonah.  Sister Rene took older children, 14 years and up, teaching them about the value of the Bible and studying the Bible.  She gave each one a Bible with bookmark and colored pencils and showed them how to highlight scriptures that were an encouragement to them or stood out to them. 

Brother Michael had a burden to preach on “Are you Ready” in the morning service.  There was a good response.  Michael exhorted after the message regarding repentance for ‘covered sins and/or ‘dishonest’ things.  Some of the men came forward for prayer.  The Lord came down and truly anointed the service Sunday morning, as it sounds like He has been doing in each of the services.

After lunch, the afternoon service was about “Hope in God” and not allowing the activities of life overwhelm to the point where we become distracted and lose our hope in the Lord. 

Soon after the afternoon service was over, the people who had traveled in for service had to leave because they had a long ways to go.  Evening service was with the locals and the children from the orphange. 

The children love the song “In the Name of Jesus” and “Fill Up My Cup.”  As it got darker they pulled out generators for lights.  A special dinner was shared at the orphanage.  About six different “activity” tables were put together with the toys that had been taken over, including hot wheels, dolls, tinker toys, etc.  The children were allowed to go from one activity table to another and were so excited, as these toys will be left for them to play with.

Monday morning Michael and Rene left for Tanzania for ministers meetings and services.  Rene took activities and lessons to work with the children.

Matt, LouCinda, Ranelle and Nicole stayed behind to work at the orphanage.  Matthew will continue working with the building projects.  The girls will start working in the school classrooms at the orphanage.

Nicole will be teaching the younger ones the ABC’s of creation, for a which a book was complied before she left.  Ranelle and LouCinda will be teaching geography and will be making a paper mache globe of the world and then teaching the lesson of praying for others and having a missionary spirit.

The plan is for Michael and Rene to leave Tanzania Thursday morning, pick up Nicole and Ranelle at the orphanage, and then travel to Nairobi that evening.  They fly out of Kenya Friday morning via Amsterdam, and then on home.

Thank you for your continued prayers for this effort and for their continued health and safety.  The Lord is blessing them and the fellowship between the ones that have gone over is very good.

(Note, this report has come via cell phone; if there are any errors we will correct them with a final update when Michael and Rene arrive home, but to the best of our understanding, this is an accurate report.)


  1. We have been following your wonderful work all of you are doing for the Lord, and praying for your safety, health and protection from all disease and pestilence.
    The Lord has blessed in the work, Praise the Lord.
    Larry & Peggy Wittenborn

  2. I'm thankful to hear how the Lord has blessed your trip. I know it's rewarding to work with hungry souls. May the seed that's been sown multiply and spread all over Africa. We'll be glad to have you all back home. Love, Cheryl

  3. "As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." Prov 25:25

    Praying for a safe trip home for all.
    -Keri D.