Friday, February 25, 2011

Report 4: Living Water, Friday, February 11th

Before morning breaks, Sis. Roda rises and begins her fire in the lean-to kitchen on the back of the house. The roosters crow and birds make their songs in the trees. Cows moo and you can hear sounds of the early risers. Smoke begins curling under the eaves into our room again. It's a new day.
This is Bro. Peter's father. He is 93 years old and still cares for his own cow and even goes to the field to dig. This morning I found him milking into a little tin cup. I wondered if it were for the morning tea Sis. Roda makes daily. It tastes like a mild Chai, very sweet and milky.

The neighbor is doing her laundry. Water is very limited and they wash and rinse with less than you would think when you just carried those three jugs on your head from the well.

One of the group was feeling sick this morning. The Lord had given Michael the promise from Matthew 18:19 "...that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven." We claimed that promise on more than one occasion and the Lord gave healing to different ones from stomach troubles to fever. God was very near and gracious.
Ministers meetings began this morning. Michael taught on many subjects essentially starting at ground level and working up. Some are new contacts and have heard little Bible Doctrine. 
This morning marked the beginning of our work with the orphans. We were so anxious and excited. Since it was Friday and school was still in session we had a large crowd of over 250 children. We filled the courtyard from side to side. Since Bro. Peter was translating for the ministers meeting, some of the teachers from the school assisted us. Nicole Elwell led the lesson was on Living Water. We learned the songs Fill Up My Cup. 

The children were very attentive and the Spirit payed us a special visit. When the invitation was given, about 100 came forward to be saved. We purchased plastic cups and passed around Sharpies for them to decorate them with the phrase, "Jesus gives living water to __________." They were delighted to have their very own cup and hated to put them down even for games.

They hung them on cornstalks and found special places for them all over.
Ranelle is helping teach them new games. The children loved playing and responded enthusiastically.
Relays were a big hit.

With so many children we had to make 6 teams.

We had a long lunch break today. In the afternoon everyone joined together in the courtyard for a general worship service.

In each new setting it was customary for introductions to be made.

Some of the children sang songs for us and introductions were made of all the staff of the school as well as visitors.

Michael got up to preach on Serving God out of Love. (I'm going to comment here as a personal note) It was so amazing to me to sit there and feel the Spirit moving. As I watched my husband preaching and interacting with the congregation I almost got chills. There is nothing like doing what God has put in your heart and soul to do. And that is why I could never say no when God calls him to yet another mission trip. It's not about the dangers. It's not about doing the 'safe' or 'reasonable' thing. It's about obedience. And what a joy there is in that obedience! This whole trip was like a special gift to me. Missions have been in my heart for years, yet my place is in the home right now. It was such a joy, though, to be able to travel with Michael on this trip and experience what he experiences firsthand. Okay, back to the report. :-)

Thirty-five souls responded to the invitation. Many of them were children. It touched my heart to see their tender spirits so open to the dealings of God. What an open door to touch their lives.

The day had been cooler, but as evening came on the air became heavy and the clouds began to lower. The mosquitoes began to swarm and Matthew and Michael hurried us home. We didn't even take the time for bathing as that would necessitate too great of a risk for the swarming pests. We did the best we could with wet wipes which wasn't really that good.

We draped plastic sheeting over our nets as we could see through small holes in the roof. This effectively cut off any breeze and it was unpleasantly warm, but better than getting wet if it rained. Sure enough, we had a downpour throughout the night. We were thankful for shelter and slept while the rain sounded a cadence on the tin roof.


  1. Rene, what a blessing your accounts are.. it is hard to wait until the next one.. Thanks so much.

  2. I especially appreciated your "personal" note.