Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Group Plans Trip to Kenya

Michael and René Smith, Nicole Elwell, and Ranelle Cole are flying out Friday, February 4. They will arrive in Kenya on Monday night, February 7. Please pray that the extensive snowstorms here in the U.S. will not hinder our flights and that we will be able to meet up as planned in Atlanta and travel on to Rome before flying to Kenya.

We appreciate so much the prayers and support that have already been extended for this effort. Matthew and LouCinda Gellenbeck have already gone ahead to Kenya. They are on the ground and have been gathering needed supplies for the orphanage and for activities we have planned after our arrival.

Our burden for this trip is to minister to the children in Kenya. The sisters will be conducting Bible school on the weekend and working in the school during the week. In addition, there will be general services and traveling to various congregations. Bro. Matt is working on various building projects. Bro. Michael will be holding ministers meetings during the Bible School weekend and also plans to travel to Tanzania for services the following week while the rest of the group remains at the orphanage.

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