Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Report 7: Working in the School

Nicole, Ranelle, and LouCinda spend Monday through Wednesday largely at the orphanage. School was in session and they were give free reign to work in the classes. Since construction was making use of some of the classrooms they had to be relocated in the courtyard which was sectioned off by large grass mats.

Ranelle is teaching a math lesson from government curriculum.

Nicole prepared a lesson on the Creation and incorporated the alphabet by having each child create an alphabet book of things God created.

LouCinda and Ranelle conducted a geography lesson. The orphans are completing an assignment to write out the names of the seven continents on the dirt using stones, sticks, grass or anything outside they could find.

LouCinda had taken students to harvest corn before our arrival. They used the dried husks to form cornhusk people.

Early one, Ranelle taught the chidlren to play volleyball with no net.
By the end, the teachers had set up poles and woven themselves a net from twine. The children loved it.

This is one of the few classrooms that still remained with dirt floor and walls. It has been covered with plaster since we left.

Imagine never having been to a library and never having had a book to read other than a textbook. When I heard that Bro. Peter worked to have one book for the school's use, books became a priority to me. We brought as many books as we had weight for to start a library. LouCinda gave a lesson on book care and taught them the different parts of a story and what makes up a book.
This is Nicole's lesson on Connectivity. A ball of yarn was tossed from person to person creating a web. The thrower had to make a verbal compliment to the person they threw it to. Once the web was created, one person was asked to pull on their string and they discussed the effect that it had on everyone else. The parallel is that our words and actions have far reaching effects. We touch the lives of all those around us and we can make a difference.

This is the flagpole assembly at the end of the day for announcements.

 Students that do not live at the orphanage return home at the conclusion.
On Wednesday the students took exams. LouCinda is passing out treats to children who received a passing grade.

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