Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Report 10:Leaving Kenya, February 18-19

Our last morning at the orphanage. Bro. Peter and Sis. Roda presented us with wraps and we all tried them on.

We walked through the classrooms one last time while waiting on our Nissan van to arrive. The children carried our luggage on their heads down the 1/4 mile trail from Bro. Peter's house.

Matthew stayed for one more day's work. We left about 11 o'clock. We stopped at this restaurant for some grilled chicken and chips.

We got a hotel in Nairobi and Matthew joined us around 3 o'clock in the morning after a grueling ride on public transport.

On Saturday our flight didn't depart until 11 p.m. so we visited a local elephant orphanage where elephants that have lost their parents to poachers are raised and reintroduced to the wild at a later age.

We also visited a giraffe sanctuary and fed them from a balcony.

We ate one last meal in Kenya.

The last few hours we did a little shopping for curios. We were tired when we headed to the airport. We flew from Nairobi to Amsterdam.
We took a train into Amsterdam and took a canal tour before returning to make our flights to the states. This was our last picture as a group before parting ways with Matthew and LouCinda.

We had such a blessed time together. We worked and we played together. We laughed about some things and cried about some things. We prayed and sang together. God was very  near and we were drawn together by His Presence. The bonds of fellowship are closer than that of family and that is how we parted--a family with a common experience, burden and love for the dear people in Kenya.

A part of our heart remains there. Now we are at home and we think of the things we wish we could have done. We pray that God will germinate the seeds sown and help us know how to make the difference, how to be the difference on this earth that He calls us to be.

The voice of God is still calling. Do you hear that still, small voice today?
Do not hesitate to follow wherever it leads.
You will never, ever be sorry that you did.

I will leave you with a hauntingly beautiful song that the children of Kenya sang to us.

It is entitled, "Who Am I To Say No?"
The account of God calling Pharaoh to appear before Moses.


  1. We have thoroughly enjoyed the pictures and comments. Praise God for each victory won and for each soul introduced to his word. May he continue to bless his work.

    Anita Adams

  2. You did a very good job Aunt Rene of presenting the trip with pictures and comments. Thank you for all the work you put into this. It brings so many memories to mind. I pray that God continues to bless the work over there.


  3. Rene, once again i have to tell you what a great job you have done documenting this and telling the awesome stories from this trip.. you certainly have a gift for writing.. have enjoyed it so much..

  4. I second all the other comments! You did an amazing job! I wish I could have helped more... But I love to look at these pictures & I've shared them at my elementary school some, too! :) The children really enjoyed seeing the pictures & had lots of comments & questions. I wish I would have had more time... Thanks for all of your hard work!